Caller's Corner

Courtesy is not dead in square dancing


Square dancing is not 'getting through' the figures. It is something we do with other people. It is not a 'solo' activity. When we act and interact with other dancers, we call it counter dancing. It is showing courtesy to the other people. When we turn we should 'counter balance' each other. A swing is not two people walking round each other but together become a single unit, swinging. Leaning back, smiling and looking in each other’s eyes. We should be a single unit working together. Some have described it as 'giving weight.' The same holds true for hand or arm turns, ‘counterbalancing'. Courtesies. That's the fun of it.

 Applying courtesy also makes dancing easier for others in the square. Some actions require the 'inactive' people to move, making it easier for the 'runnee' to move into the inactive space. For instance during a ladies chain the men should move to their right and start the turn before the ladies get to them and providing courtesies toward the other dancers in your square. 

 As well as reminding us to be courteous to others dancing teaches us to move with confidence and style. When we walk, the heel of our foot hits the surface first and then we roll on to the balls of our feet. When we dance, the ball of the foot hits first making us glide rather than walking. This helps with our posture and how we look and feel about ourselves.

   Be proud of how you look when you dance. Stand Tall!!  Keep your eyes up, make eye contact with the others in your square and smile!! 

Courtesies are taught to us as children and it’s good to be reminded as adults.

So get up and dance proudly and tell others about it too.

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