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Caller's Corner


 I think it is clear that we won't be meeting for awhile, therefore I would like to encourage you to make good use of your time at home.  That closet you have meant to clean out for years you now have the opportunity to clean, those boxes that are sitting in your basement – now is the change to discover the treasures that are inside.  You could read a book or turn on some music and dance in your living room (you may want to shut your shades when you do that!).  Don't get too down, eventually life will return to normal.

 I encourage you to stay connected with you square dance family.  Reach out and let them know you're doing okay.  Be sure you tell them that you miss them and the activity.   


 I'll look forward when we get together again to dance, laugh and enjoy celebrating life in general.......Till then stay healthy, be positive, be wise and look forward to better days.

 When things change, we will keep you informed and updated.

'till the next call 

Your Club Caller, neighbor and friend,

Just Playin' Dave