Caller's Corner

Getting you dancing

New Classes are beginning with Fun nights scheduled on Feb 11th & 18th beginning at 5 p.m.  Find more info on the 'Learn to Dance' page on this site.

Square dancing is a little like football except without concussions. You've got a team around you (seven other people.  You have formations, lines, boxes and circles. You have plays sent in by the caller. And, as a bonus, the team is co-ed. The challenge is, can the route be run successfully?  It requires all of us working together as a team.  We can only succeed with everyone's help. Are we up to it?  

Square dancing is a team activity. There are eight people dancing in a square and we are dependent on one another.

When you hear the music begin, grab a partner, get in your square and be ready to have some fun!

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